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Bocce Ball Sets

How much are bocce ball sets?

Bocce ball sets cost between $17.95 and $325, depending on ball material, quality, and accessories.

Bocce Sets


Relatively high end store that may be able to satisfy all of your bocce needs. Inventory includes bocce ball sets and bags, standard and custom scoreboards, and court maintenance tools (brooms and rakes). Visit.

InAFlashLaser on Etsy

Want a personalized bocce set? Choose you preferred colors, logo, font, monogram, and more. Visit.


PVC (plastic) bocce balls in a zip pack. Set weighs 12 ounces. Visit.

Bocce Scoreboards, Racks, Accessories

Boccemasters on Etsy

Bocce ball racks, elevated bocce rack, scoreboards, and more. Visit.

Bocce ball rules